Thursday, August 25, 2011

Madison-Bouckville Antique Festival Part II

One thing that I noticed at the Madison-Bouckville Antique Festival was the vendors selling endless collections of vintage linen. I heart linen! There were vintage pillowcases, tea cloths (you know those tea towels that people bought as souvenirs when travelling or the ones with the calendars on them. Oh you know what I mean and you probably have a few stashed away. Well, they are huge items!!) tablecloths, dresser scarfs, hankies gallore, along with quilts! Raise your hand if you like old quilts. I do especially this one that I spotted in one particular booth. Yoyo's! This quilt contained 7680 yoyo's measure approximately 1 1/4" in diameter. I struck up a conversation with the lady that was selling it. She found it at a Flea Market in Florida. Not only did it contain "7680" yoyo's, it was also heavy to boot! She let me pick up the one side and I cannot imagine sleeping underneath this quilt. I think it was more for display if anything.

Notice the color formation using shirting material. It was the most stunning/intriguing quilt I have ever seen. I wonder how many winters it took to make this one. Each yoyo was then handstitched to the next one. It kind of gave me the idea of making one myself but I'll start with a "doll quilt size" first.

I have more pics to show you from the Festival but in a later post.

Friday, August 19, 2011

And Yet Another Road Trip

Growing up, one phrase that I heard my Mom say repeatedly was "Close the refrigerator door!" Okay, that was one of many that she used. One that I had in mind was "If you get the opportunity to do something, you do it cause it may never happen again". I did listen to her and most of the time she was right. Aren't all Mothers? So with this phrase in mind, I headed out the door to the "Madison-Bouckville Antique Festival". Why? (Actually, that's what they asked me at the border when I crossed into the USA). Because it antiques and I love anything old/vintage looking!! The Festival itself is over 20 years old and takes place in the village of Bouckville, NY. Basically its fields, and fields of vendors with set-up tents and you walk around trying to take it all in while carrying a bottle of water cause it was hot!! There was everything that you could possibly imagine. For a day and a half, I walked around and tried to take it all in...

Vintage glass.

Row by row of teacups. Do you feel like you're at a teaparty? Church luncheon?

More dishes.

Everytime you turned a corner, there were more vendors, more stuff! It was heaven on earth!

As I mentioned, there was a bit of everything that you could imagine. Can you give me a hand? All in favour, raise your hand! (That's a knee slapper. Hardy har har!)

Vintage fans...heart it!

Another turn around a corner. I can't keep up to it all. Did I mention it was hot! 30 degrees, walking around fields. Lord have Mercy!

Your grandmother's washing machine!

Horse hid covered cabinets! A perfect gift for that "cowboy" on your Christmas list!

An assortment of "Froggies" used in floral arrangements. They're just really neat to look at let alone use.

Vintage sand pails. The smallest one had a price tag of $95.00. I think mine was left out in the rain a few times. If only I had known the value!

Kitchen utensils.

A moosehead. An antique festival/show would not be the same without at least one of these showing up.

Old wooden building blocks.

As you can see, there was something for everyone. Quilts, linen, furniture gallore, pictures, old frames, dishes, dishes and more dishes. I have lots more to show you in a later post. Stay tuned!

More Time Needed!

One question that I'm frequently asked "Where do you find the time to do everything that you do?" I'll be the first one to admit that my plate is usually full at any given time. I have so many things that I would like to do or needs to get done. The list is long and never ending. I don't do a lot of quilting in the summer, due to the temperature in my studio and I have too many outdoor projects that need attention. Our summer months here in Ontario, Canada is about four months long and goes by quickly every year. This summer I finally got the side garden finished. I hauled wheelbarrels full of mulch for what seems like days and I still have a pile left in the lane way. And of course there is the usual grass to cut, weeds to pull, vegetable garden and flower beds to tend to. Painting is almost done. Just have to paint the front steps and the skirting under the front porch before the end of summer. I'll get that done too! I was able to get all of these tasks done between 12 hour shifts and a lot of early mornings before it got too hot (I hate the heat!! Hate humid weather even more!! Perfect summer weather for me is about 26 degrees with a breeze!) I took a few days off from the yard work to have some fun because you can't work all the time. Ya gotta make time for the fun!! A few road trips were in order. One thing I did get accomplished by setting aside some time (I can do this quite easily after coming off a night shift) was put together the above pictured baby quilt for Neil's niece. It's a pattern by "The Pattern Basket" and I used "Lily & Will II" fabric by Rabbit Hill Designs. And of course, the quilting was done by Tammy Spencer who loves anything by Rabbit Hill Design! I used flannel backing since the winters are very cold in Calgary, Alberta. I hope they like it?

Enjoy your summer! Make time for the things that you enjoy doing! I do!! All the time!
Except vacuuming!! I leave that for rainy days.