Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well, Colour Me Happy!

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything! Sorry about that! Life gets busy especially during the summer. What have I been doing? Gardening, gardening, weeding, weeding. Where have I been? I took a little road trip to Portland, Maine. Why? Cause I always wanted to go there and see Old Orchard Beach!

I'll show you some brief highlights of the trip. I'm still organizing all my pics that I took along the way. Here is the famous Pier! Lots of people to be found everywhere! There were some people that looked like they had been laying there for weeks or months at a time with an inch thick tan. Seven miles of beach. It's funny how time sits still when sitting on a beach. Or is it that time just doesn't really matter when relaxing period.

The best part of Maine...Lobster rolls!! I took the notion of "googling the best lobster roll in Old Orchard Beach" and it showed "The Brunswick". Perfect! I knew exactly where it was since it was right by the pier and I had walked by it the previous day and didn't realize it carried the title of "The Best Lobster Roll". They weren't kidding! It was heavenly! It was devine! It made my heart sing! It was the very best I have ever tasted along with a cold beer cause it was hot! 36 degrees to be exact! There was a really nice breeze blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean so one really didn't notice or mind the temperature. Hey, I was too busy inhaling my lobster and suds.

I took a "Lighthouse Boat Tour" one evening. Does this picture look familiar to you? It's a famous lighthouse that has been photographed and painted for years. This lighthouse is found on Cape Elizabeth. Sorry, but the pic is a little jiggly. I was on a boat and it was windy to boot! Plus it was getting cold and I had to move fast.

Pictured on this rock/boulder to the left is a flock of birds but look to the right towards the end is grouping of seals. There had to have been about 30 of them just lazing around watching us go by! This definitely was the highlight of the tour!

So there you have a quick look at my adventure! I will post more pics when I get them organized and put a story together for you. Next posting...where to pee in style! Wait for it!


free indeed said...

I'm in Maine and have never been to Old Orchard. One of my sons has though...he came home looking like a lobster! :). Glad you had a good time. That lobster roll sure looks scrumptious.

InMyOwnStyle said...

It looks like you have had a very nice road trip. The hotel you stopped at looks like fun and I will have to remember to always stop at a nice hotel for a break instead of the designated rest stops. You have inspired me to take those BR in style now No more gross rest stops for me :)

My best- Diane