Sunday, July 31, 2011

Powder Room Breaks in Style

When on a road trip/travelling, one must consider from time to time that at some point ya gotta stop for a "BR break". Sorry, but stopping at gas stations just doesn't cut it. It's kind of gross and you never really want to touch the knobs, taps, doors etc. (I will confess to being somewhat of a germaphobic!! Big time!!) It's called careful planning and scouting out the next stop. Heck, whenever I'm downtown Ottawa, I always plan my "BR break" to include the above pictured Chateau Laurier. They have the cleanest bathrooms and they also have uniformed doorsmen who actually hold the door and say "Bonjour Madame". That's class! What woman doesn't like having a door opened and having French spoken to them even if it's a short salutation.

On my recent trip to Maine, I travelled along route 302 through New Hampshire and just about choked when I saw this place (plus I also needed to take a BR break!). This is Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods. The original "Y shape" hotel was built in the early 1900's by Joseph Stickney and is considered a National Historic Landmark. Apparently, the place is haunted by Joseph's wife, Carolyn who summered at the hotel. Word is that her ghost haunts the tower suites and she has been known to turn lights off and on. I heart ghosts stories/hauntings!!

Check out the bathroom on the main floor used by guests.

The view from the other side as you walk in.

After having my much needed break, I took some time and walked around this amazing hotel. Look at the scenery!

Golf anyone?

The verandas were endless and actually wrapped around the front of the hotel. On this particular visit, there was a wonderful breeze blowing through and I could have curled up on the wicker furniture and lazed for hours. Oh summer living!

Of course, I had to make a tour of the inside.

Looking out towards the veranda. Couldn't ya just sit for hours here and look at the mountains! Read a good novel, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine or two.

One of the hallways leading to the lobby.

Here is the lobby just as you walk in the front doors.

Now do you understand why I scope out the perfect place to stop, pee and have a look around. This hotel is open to the public for viewing and they actually hold the doors open for you and wish you a "Good Day".

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