Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Heart Yard Sales!!

My favorite day of the week has got to be Saturdays! No doubt about it! Especially during the summer months. One likes to get up early, have a coffee, read the morning paper and then scope out the yard sales advertised and make up a plan of action (a.k.a. google map). I love yard sales! I love it!! Loveitloveitloveitloveit!! This is exactly what I did this past Saturday cause I was off and Neil was at the cottage (please keep in mind that Neil likes yard sales as much as I do but he kind of peters out after a while. He is more than patient with me but he doesn't have the zest like I do). I mapped out my route. Yes there were quite a few yard sales and garbage, I mean garage sales. Sometimes you find nothing and then sometimes it's "jackpot", "paydirt"! I hit "jackpot" a few times. Did I tell you how much I love yard sales! Most of the decor in my house comes from yard sales and I'm proud to say so! I like to think that I'm recycling and reusing, no longer needed items.

Saturday specials...twig flower pot holder Free!!!, rose cookie tin $.50, bouquet of roses picture $2.00, metal cake stand $1.00 (the rust was included for this low, low price) and the cute little tea pot $.50! I was over the moon with my purchases!! You never know what you will find unless you stop and take a look.

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pwl said...

I'm afraid you were a bad influence on me this week. I asked DH to go yard saling with me this weekend (inspired by your post). I fully intended to ONLY buy any cotton fabric, shirts, etc. What did we find? Flooring! Oh well. It was a good deal. ;-)