Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Many Faces of Dakoda

Who likes to share pictures of your beloved pets? Raise your hands. Ya do! So do I! So without further ado, here she is!! Dakoda. In case you haven't been a regular reading of my blog, here is quick recap of Dakoda over the past four years since we adopted her. Dakoda or Koda, came upon us only days after we lost our previous golden. We fell in love with her the moment that we met her and as my friend Colleen says "it would have been wrong to leave her behind". Koda is quite the character and actually in fact is a "drama queen/Henny Penny/the princess" and a few other names which I will not mention when she wants her way. Yes, she is demanding (not later, NOW!) and Lord help you if you leave her behind (she will chew you out)! We have lots of stories about Koda and a few incidences which weren't funny at the time but we do reminisce which results in a good chuckle. I can't imagine our lives without her. I ask Neil from time to time of what he thinks she was like as a puppy (she was 5 years old when we adopted her) but we can only use our imagination to answer this question. We cherish her little quirks, her lovable disposition (she loves to cuddle), and continue to let Koda be who she truly is. A little person in a furry coat of red fur.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Heart Yard Sales!!

My favorite day of the week has got to be Saturdays! No doubt about it! Especially during the summer months. One likes to get up early, have a coffee, read the morning paper and then scope out the yard sales advertised and make up a plan of action (a.k.a. google map). I love yard sales! I love it!! Loveitloveitloveitloveit!! This is exactly what I did this past Saturday cause I was off and Neil was at the cottage (please keep in mind that Neil likes yard sales as much as I do but he kind of peters out after a while. He is more than patient with me but he doesn't have the zest like I do). I mapped out my route. Yes there were quite a few yard sales and garbage, I mean garage sales. Sometimes you find nothing and then sometimes it's "jackpot", "paydirt"! I hit "jackpot" a few times. Did I tell you how much I love yard sales! Most of the decor in my house comes from yard sales and I'm proud to say so! I like to think that I'm recycling and reusing, no longer needed items.

Saturday specials...twig flower pot holder Free!!!, rose cookie tin $.50, bouquet of roses picture $2.00, metal cake stand $1.00 (the rust was included for this low, low price) and the cute little tea pot $.50! I was over the moon with my purchases!! You never know what you will find unless you stop and take a look.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

I downloaded the pictures that I had on my camera. It was time since there was a pile building up and I like to keep things neat/tidy/organized. These pics are basically "random" and really only have a quick blurb to say about them. Basically, "show n' tell" will take place in this post. Above pic, "bleeding hearts". With all the rain we have had lately, everything is lush and green. Here is the proof if you haven't noticed when you're out and about.

Here's Dakoda doing her favorite thing. She loves playing fetch and the frisbee picture is her absolutely favorite toy in the world! Did I mention that she likes to play fetch? It's endless! From dusk to dawn, it's her favorite thing to do.

Got extra plates piling up in the cupboard that really don't belong to any setting in particular? Head down to the Dollarstore and pick up some "plate hangers". I look at this bare wall at the back of the mudroom while I'm doing the dishes. It needed something. I needed something to look at and then I got this big idea. Total cost for this look...$8.00 plus tax. Don't have enough plates or don't want to break up the set that your Cousin Patty gave you for a shower or Christmas gift? Hang them up! It's the "in thing" right now in home decor. I just took it outside.

My good friend and neighbor, Linda Potter made this elegant bag for display at the "Brockville Art Center". The colours are much richer in person. Isn't it elegant? Wouldn't ya just want one for yourself? I tried walking home with it but Linda notices these things.

She also made this bracelet. Linda does the most incredible beed and needlework. She truly is an inspiration! She let me try on this bracelet. I felt like Cleopatra!! It was heavenly but I had to give it back. Linda said so. She notices these things.

I'm the first to admit that I liked all the rain we had for the first five days. And then I had enough and wished that it would stop. But what I got in the end was lush ferns at the front of the house. I admire them everyday!

Here she is again. She is so cute, she can't help it!! Still playing fetch in this pic. Glad Neil has a strong arm cause it just might fall off from all the pitching involved when playing with Dakoda.

So there you have it. Random thoughts of a few pics from my camera. Aren't you glad you logged on to my blog? You just might have missed out on something very special or important.

Thanks for joining me in my photo journal.