Thursday, May 5, 2011


Twenty you ask? What's all the fuss about twenty? No, it's not my age. No, I haven't reached my goal of losing 20 lbs. Actually, truth to be told I'm down about 10 lbs. but have another 10 lbs. to go in my mind. If you know me well enough, you will recognize that I do like to ask a lot of questions during conversations especially if I haven't seen you in a while. (Ask Neil. He'll sometimes as a joke count off the questions that I'm asking him and then shuts me down when I get closer to only a few left. I will then hear him say, "That's it!! No more questions. Time's up!! He's no fun!!)

Back to the theme of "Twenty". Well there are a few "twenties" happening this year. First one is that I have had over "20,000 hits" to my blog! Thank you so much. I am very humbled and appreciate your comments and hopefully have entertained/informed you in some way with the use of my blog. Or, just keeping you posted on the latest happenings in my little world in Brockville, Ontario.

More "twenty" reasons...

Back in January, I was purging/cleaning my studio and came across a handwritten receipt for a quilting class that I took "twenty years ago". My very first quilting class ever! It was a Lone Star quilt top. The block pieces were cut big for easy piecing. I recall that I had to get "pexiglass" from the local hardware store and have them cut templates for cutting and marking. There were no Omnigrid rulers or mats in those days! I also had to walk five miles, both ways, knee deep in snow, lugging my Pfaff sewing machine to attend this quilting class!! (Okay, that part was a "down right lie" but it sounded pretty good!) I made the Lone Star into a wall hanging and my Mother still owns it!! How's that!!

Because I have been quilting for twenty years now, I am going to have my first ever "giveaway" on my blog for all my regular readers to participate in. There are a few "contest rules/requests":

1. Reply with a comment by answering the following question:

"How many years have you been quilting?" or answer this one "What is your favorite TV program that you cannot miss"? I do have readers who are not quilters and I want to be fair to everyone who would like to enter.
2. After making a comment, could you please post on your blog my "twenty" themed giveaway!

Thank you!!

In "twenty" days time (May 25th), I will take all the names entered and pull out a winner. The winner will be posted on my blog and will receive a "surprise" from me, in the mail or if you live locally it will be hand delivered. It will include a "quilted article" of something, a couple of fat quarters, some trinkets and depending on where you live, like far away/across the big lake, I will include something "Canadian". Either way, your prize will be well worth your effort and custom fitted to the winner. It just might "tickle you pink".

So, pass along/get the word out/do tell all your quilting friends/non-quilting friends/the milkman/the postman (you get the idea) about my "first ever contest" on "Working For Fabric".
Would it kill ya to leave a comment? Not this time! Good Luck to all who enter.


Colleen G said...

Hi Sharon, I am posting less for the contest and more for letting you know I read your blog and would encourage you to blog more often. I have called myself a quilter for more than 20 years but rightly it was more in my mind than by my output. I am devoting more time to enjoying the craft now than ever before. I don't blog but certainly enjoy reading those of other quilters for inspiration and learning. I like the idea of a virtual guild through blogs that causes me no guilt or sense of inadequacy. I live in your neighbourhood so I like when you draw attention to local flavours and events. Keep on sharing; it inspires creativity.

Dolores said...

The "how long have you been quilting?" is an easy question to answer. I took classes when I was pregnant with my third child who was born in 1980. I missed the last 2 classes because she was early. So, that would make this year as 31 years. Time flies...

McIrish Annie said...
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McIrish Annie said...

Sharon, congrats on 20 years of quilting. me - just about 15 years.
I made my first quilt for my sister who loves cats. it was a cat quilt. she put it in the backseat of her car for her dog to sit on. an affront to both quilters and cats!

I will spread the word about your contest! though it makes the odds of me winning less! LOL!