Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oops, I Did It Again...

If you are one of my regular readers, you will recall that for the past several months I have been following the "Twelve Step Program to Fabric Addiction". It has been a guide for my addiction/compulsion of purchasing copious amounts of fabric that I know I will never use in this lifetime. The program recognizes the following:
1) admitting that one cannot control one's addiction/compulsion
2) recognizing a higher power that can give strength
3) examing past errors with the help of a sponsor (like another quilter to take over my stash)
4) making amends for these errors (my credit card can attest to this)
5) learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior (huh??)
6) helping others who suffer from the same addictions/complusions (you know who you are!!)

Things had been going well. No internet searches. No road trips to area quilt shops. Learning to say "Oh, no thank you. I have enough fabric". I was becoming more confident and determined to kick my addiction until we made a trip home for Easter. I knew well ahead in advance that we would be driving past a particular quilt shop outside of Elmira known as the "Quilter's Nine Patch". Lord have mercy!! How can you turn a blind eye? Yes, it's true. I fell off the wagon but I had a mission in mind. You see, they have the very best selection of Amy Butler fabrics that anyone has ever seen. They not only carry her current line, they also have her previous one! I couldn't help myself. Neil was of no help. He just dropped me off at the front door and said "Take your time. There's no need in hurrying. We have all afternoon"!! (Yes, it's true. He did actually say that!!) I was in the shop for so long that he fell asleep in the car. Well actually truth be told, we had left Brockville at 7 a.m. and Neil really isn't used to getting up that early in the day especially on a Saturday morning. So, if you look at the pic above, you will see what came home with me. I do have a quilt in mind and I'm really excited to get working on it. I'll keep you posted cause it's a really "groovy quilt"!

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