Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the First Day of Reno...

On the first day of reno, my true love gave to me...a crow bar and stud finder (giggle, giggle). In case you were wondering, it finds studs in the wall not these kinds of studs...

Oh George. Where have you been?

Alec Baldwin then, not now. But he was pretty good in "It's Complicated"? Wouldn't ya say?

Oh Harrison. Same goes for you. You were really looking like an "old geezer" in "Morning Glory". But not in "Indiana Jones". Gracious!! Mercy!!

Okay, back to the renovations. I'm working through another "Ugly Room Makeover" in the house. Next is the spare bedroom. It has so much potential!! I really needed to think this one through. And did I ever think about it. All winters worth! That's what I do on my commute to work. I think! And think! A lot of the times, my ideas come in the middle of the night and then I can't get back to sleep because it's hard for me to shut it down.

See what I mean (minus the junk). The ceiling has this "butt ugly" office tile. Grody! It was a handy man special.

So, this morning I tore out the ceiling using my crow bar and remove about a million staples that held the tiles up with a pair of needle nose pliers. God, I love ripping things apart. It has got to be one of many favorite things to do. When it comes to renovations, I do the thinking/planning/prep work and then Neil helps me with the building stuff cause he's the man with the tools (snicker, snicker). He has a garage full of every tool that you could ever want or need. Also, he's pretty handy to have around. Next step is to do some measuring and make a trip to a sawmill for some cedar. That's all I'm going to tell you. You're just going to have to wait until I post another updated pic.

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