Tuesday, May 24, 2011

$13.99 Plus Tax

Many years ago, I purchased this basin. I got it cheap. Real cheap. Many years ago. Did I mention that already? I've used it to display folded up towels with pretty soaps in the bathroom. That's pretty much the use that I got out of it. I never once used it to serve pasta or a salad. It would have worked well but I didn't do it. Not once. Ever. Honest. But the past many years (fifteen or more) it has been tucked away waiting for its next purpose in life. A few times it did cross my mind to give it away but I never did. I held on to it. However, I got an idea. There is nothing like snooping around a garden centre on a Saturday morning. I just love looking and getting more ideas. And I did...

See my basin's next purpose in life? I saw these stands at the garden centre and thought "Hey, I can do something with this!" and immediately came up with "bird bath". So there you have it folks. A bird bath for the grand total of $13.99 plus tax. I'm not sure if anyone has used it yet. It doesn't matter cause it looks pretty next in my flowerbed.

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