Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Got Leftovers?

Got any leftovers? No, I'm not talking about Sunday night dinner with the whole family and the minister's brother. I'm talking about leftover blocks and fabric.

I finally got Neil's quilt done but there were a couple of blocks that he particularly wasn't too keen about. "They're pink", he exclaimed! "I don't want a quilt with girlie colours in it". Oh Neil, what would the guys at the office think or even your hockey team mates. You could become an outcast! Alright, alright! I eliminated them and replaced them with "blue" blocks. However, what does one do with the "rejects"?...Put them on the back! I then got another idea with the leftover batik plus I had another stack from a previous quilt that I made a few years ago. (I'm on a reduce and reuse circuit these days!!) I cut up the access into 5" squares and started sewing them back together for the backing. Sounds like a great idea. Right? Wrong! I spent yesterday afternoon cutting & sewing and I'm only half way there!! But at least the pile of batik fabric has diminished. I told/instructed myself that I wasn't permitted to start a new project until the backing was done. I'm determined! Neil will be relieved since it has been over a year and a half wait for his quilt. "How come everyone else gets a quilt that's actually finished? When is it going to be my turn"? Poor thing!! Soon Neil. Very soon!


McIrish Annie said...

been there done that! sometimes the back takes more time than the front. and when I did it for a quilt for hubby, he liked the back better!

I love pieced backs! do them most of the time but they are a bit time consuming. good way to bust the stash and get rid of the leftovers once and for all.

Dolores said...

Great looking quilt. My son complained too so I made him a wall hanging. I will make him a full sized quilt - one day.
I hand quilt and so pieced backs are a real pain. No one sees the back.