Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Knew?

A few weeks ago, I received an email inviting me to participate in a "Mug Rug Swap". Glad that the email included "a tutorial" since I really wasn't too sure what a mug rug was and it's purpose. Yes, I know I have been out of the loop for a while but everyday is a school day.

For the swap, you had to make 2 rugs (I guess "his n' hers" or for "you and a friend" that just happen to drop by for coffee/tea) measuring 10" x 6". How hard could that be! And I have lots of fabric to pass around.

Plus, I was able to do some machine quilting. Cause I have lots of thread to pass around.

Here's what you do with it when you're finished quilting and binding! You sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and have right out of the oven "Chai Gingerbread Squares".

Or the rug is big enough for a bowl of "Beef Barley Mushroom" soup. Why am I so keen and ambitious this morning? Because The City of Brockville decided to start clearing the snow banks in my neighbourhood at 0430 this morning. So with lights flashing throughout the house, I got up, went for a run and then came home, read the paper with a coffee in hand and then started cooking/baking. Does the kitchen ever smell nice! There is nothing like a hot bowl of homemade soup on a cold Wintery Canadian Day in the City of Brockville during the month of February. I will be mailing my "Mug Rugs" to someone located in the Northern Hemisphere. Shhhh!! It's a secret swap!


Dolores said...

Can we have the recipe for the Chai Gingerbread Squares??
Amazing what you can do when you get up before the crack of dawn.

Rhonda said...

I just recently heard about mug rugs....yours is really cute.

yardage girl said...

Your mug rug is great, as does the soup! Sending you some warmth from Melbourne, Australia!

McIrish Annie said...

Sharon I'm the lucky recipient of your lovely mug rugs. They arrived today with the goodies! they are super!

thanks so much!