Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There is Something to Be Said...

There is something to be said about a cold, stormy February day, wearing flannel pajamas (cause according to the local radio station I'm suppose to stay at home and not leave the house. Perfect! I'll do just that and stay in my flannels all day! Won't Neil be surprised!)
Wearing "kitten heeled slippers". What? You don't believe that I own these? Pppfft! I vacuum in them! I wear them while scrubbing the bathtub. Why do you ask?

I think that it should be a rule of quilting that during the month of February, one must work on something using red/pink fabric. I'm busy putting together the blocks for the Crabapple Hill "Winter Wonderland" quilt. Actually it go me thinking about Valentine's Day. Oh, I've already started with the "drop dead hints" to Neil. Actually, he's off the hook for the 14th since I'm working the night shift. Instead, I've given him the "it's okay to save your money on flowers/chocolates (please, not the 10 lb. bag of chocolate covered almonds from Costco, cause I can't stop at one handful even though I keep them well hidden in the freezer)/card/dinner out until after Valentine's". Preferably nothing "gently used". Actually, I work with a nurse who tells the story of the year her husband gave her roses for Valentine's Day. You're thinking "That's nice. What's wrong with that?" Truth be told...she later found out that her husband had completely forgotten what day it was and was reminded by the hairdresser while getting his hair cut. He knew it was too late to get flowers so the hairdresser offered a bouquet that had been delivered to the shop by an ex-boyfriend that she no longer cared for. So he "regifted them". True story! I could never come up with something like this! Enjoy your wintery day wherever you are. Remember to dress appropriately!


Leah said...

Love the red and white. I shall have to make me something quilty in red and white. Oh, I a shall have to invest in some of those fuzzy heal slippers. :)

McIrish Annie said...

Sharon, I'm working on Winter Wonderland only I'm doing it in blue and white.

love your post about V Day. my hubby gave me a bag (28)of Luna bars instead of chocolates. They are fitness bars for women. He thought he was being helpful "so I wouldn't get fat" ahhh love!!