Monday, December 20, 2010

"My" All Time Favorite Christmas Movies

Once the beginning of December rolls around, it's time (in my little mind) to start watching Christmas movies. The first one that I start out with is "Family Stone" which is definitely at the top of "My All Time Favorite List". Sorry, but it beats "Love Actually" hands down (in my little mind). Yes, I know it's a real toss-up...Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson and Colin Firth but come on, who cannot resist Dermot Mulroney. Do you remember him in "The Wedding Date"? Oh my!! Suit and all! As well, there is Craig T. Nelson, Diane Keaton (classy actress), Sarah Jessica Parker (after a while, you start to feel sorry for her as she gets herself in deeper and deeper with Everett's family), Rachel McAdams (cause she's Canadian and cute as can be! Remember her in "The Notebook"?) Okay, next...

No introductions/explanations required here because it has been around since 1947! This is one movie that I remember vividly as a kid growing up on the farm, sitting around the old "black n' white" tv wearing our pajamas. It will always remain on my "All Time Fav List"! Next...

Cause it's Jim Carrey (another Canadian) and it was directed by Ron Howard (remember Ritchie Cunningham from Happy Days?). Every time I watch it, I see something different since there is so much detail in every scene. As well, wouldn't you say that Martha May had the "hottest outfits"! Gosh, she even sleeps in pearls! As well, who wouldn't want to walk around with a "cup of eggnog" on their head?? I would if I could. Next...

Yet, another classic this time involving "The Muppets" and Michael Caine, an all time favorite actor of mine! (Remember Michael in "Cider House Rules"? The very best!) Here is another movie that I see some thing different every time I watch it.
And Kermit the Frog as "Bob Cratchit" and his wife "Mrs. Cratchit" (Miss Piggy). I always have to dab my eyes during the second last scene of the movie. You know, when Scrooge asks about Tiny Tim's future and then you see a vacant cane by the fireplace. Gets me every time. "Bah, humbug".

And finally, last but not least, "The Sound of Music". Okay, this really isn't a Christmas movie but I do save it for the New Year Year or Day (if I'm not working). I never really noticed/took interest in this movie as a kid growing up because it involved the uniting of Nazi Germany with Austria which I really wasn't familiar with and I didn't appreciate war films. It wasn't until I was much older in life that I came to understand "Maria" and her relationship with the von Trapp family. Can you name all seven children from the oldest to the youngest? I would have to "google" that answer.

I just remembered a couple more Holiday Classics that are in my collection..."White Christmas" and "Charlie Brown's Christmas". Definitely no explanation required here.

So there you have list of favorite Christmas movies. You can agree or disagree with me. It doesn't really matter all the much. It's more personal preferences.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

"A Round Tuit"...

How many times have we used these phrases? "Oh, when I get a round to it" or "Some of these days..." Too many! All the time! For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on my "round to it" or "someday" list. One thing that I have been doing is getting all of my work done in the morning, you know, vacuuming/laundry/cleaning, and then walking downtown in the afternoon. One of the advantages of living close to downtown Brockville is the use of the walking paths that will lead you along the waterfront and eventually take you from one side of town to the other if you really wanted to. Yesterday, I headed out with the intentions of mailing my Christmas parcels home (done), some window shopping (done). Keep in mind that when you are walking and you do happen to make a purchase, you have to carry it home with you. One thing that has been on my "when I get a round to it" list is to stop in Tait's Bakery for a cup of tea and a Christmas cookie. I had carefully planned out this excursion before leaving home and brought along my IPod and listened to "A Christmas Carol". See Tait's is the perfect place to listen to an old classic by Charles Dickens with the original tin ceilings/counter tops. I love taking in the hustle and bustle of shoppers choosing and buying their bread and baked items. It's the perfect place to people watch which is another favorite past time of mine.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Help Me Rhonda!

Here's the thing. I'm being totally honest with you. I haven't set one foot in my studio in days, or weeks, or a few months. (Insert gasps/tsk,tsk/horror here!) As well, I haven't set one foot in a fabric shop! (Insert more gasps/tsk,tsk/horror here!) Normally, I like to venture out and check out what is new in our local quilt shops. I just didn't do it! I have a few good reasons why and excuses to throw at you. If you follow my blog, you will have read that my summer was pretty busy with painting/planting/digging/riding my motorcycle (Yes, I have a motorcycle. Why do you ask?) Fall came along and I took full advantage of the weather with more painting and riding my motorcycle, plus I tore up the flooring in the mudroom and stripped the wallpaper. Now that the cold weather is starting to settle in and my bike has been stored away for the winter, I finally found some time to rummage around in my studio. I started pulling fabric out for a class that I'm teaching at Taylor's in the Spring. Looking at the pic above, and asking myself "Do I really need any more fabric"? With sincere honesty, the answer is "No"! It doesn't look like much but the stack of fat quarters is two rows deep. Below these shelves are all my larger cuts for borders/sashing/binding. Neil saw my stash once. I mean only once. He's not allowed in my studio since the incident involving my sewing scissors and a bag of salt that he used my scissors to cut open with. He's lucky to be alive! So, with a new project in mind, I now have found a purpose for about 10 fat quarters!! Only 190 or more to go!