Monday, November 22, 2010

Return Trip to New York City

This past weekend, Neil and I made a return visit to New York City with "Bruce Wylie's New York City" tours. Really, it's the best way to see New York by going along with Bruce and his wife Ilene since they have been there like a million times or more! Also its a great way to meet other people from the surrounding area who are travelling in your group. Some are going just to get a head start on their Christmas shopping. Most of the ladies had teenaged children and wanted to find something different or just to shop in a store that we don't have here in Brockville, or Ontario, or in Canada. As well, I like to see what people spend their money on (it's a little hobby of mine!) Please keep in mind I am not a shopper and most of the stores that these ladies went to, I have never heard of or even had a clue of what it was. I observed the bags that were being lugged onto the bus and I asked a lot of questions which ended up being a very educational weekend for me!
One store that I know for sure is Macy's on 34th Street. It was on my list of places to go back to since the first trip to New York City last year, Neil and I had limited time and we made a quick dash through the departments. This time we rode the original escalators up to every floor and had a good look around.

When you walk through the main entrance of Macy's, this is what you see! It definitely looks like Christmas here.

Up on the 9th floor, it looked like someone "barfed Christmas"!! It was so overwhelming with all the decorated themed trees! It was crazy! They had everything you could ever imagine to decorate your Christmas tree with. I however was on a mission to find a "snowglobe" purchased from Macy's. Not just any old snowglobe. It had to be the right one to add to my growing collection. (I'll post later about my collection. I haven't unpacked them yet but very soon!) After I examined and contemplated, (thank goodness Neil is very patient and understanding when it comes to making a very serious and yet an important decision like this!) After about 5 loops around the Christmas department, I found a "Jim Shore" snowglobe with a Santa on the roof top getting ready to go down the chimney. It was unique, a perfect match, and also because I'm a quilter and know of Jim Shore's work.

Saturday morning was spent walking through Lower Manhattan, taking the Staten Island Fery, more walking along the pier, a bit of shopping/bartering. I scored a couple of "Prada Knock Off" purses (like really, would anyone actually know for sure!!), a Tiffany bracelet (another knock off. No one knows.) and a Pashmina scarf (not really a knock off but close to it). Oh, did I mention that I also have a collection of scarfs. If you know me or have seen me out and about in Brockville, I can be found sporting a scarf from my ever growing collection! Oh, and gloves! Gotta have them too! Plus shoes, purses, etc., etc. Pictured above is the latest developments at "Ground Zero" and the rebuilding of the World Trade building.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a shopper. Neil is! He is the kind of guy that any woman would want to take along with them while shopping since he finds the best deals/prices, will offer his honest opinion as to whether or not it looks good on you (or makes your butt look big!!) and carries your bags for you too!! He's good that way! We headed to a store called "Century 21". Once again, I had to asked what it was since here in Canada "Century 21" is a real estate company. It was a department store, filled with tonnes of bargains. Neil was in his glory. I however lasted 15 minutes. I hate crowds! I hate rummaging through racks to find the best deal! Neil went off searching through the Men's Department. I myself plunked myself below the huge clock on the back wall of the department store so that Neil could find me when he was finished with his rummaging. He scored a "down-filled" coat for $80. Regular price $275. It's perfect for walking Dakoda and walking to work in the winter months downtown Ottawa and it doesn't make his butt look big! I picked out for him the absolute perfect pair of functional gloves that matches his coat beautifully! We then headed to "Little Italy" and found a cafe and had the best Cannoli I have ever had! (An educational moment here; cannoli is a tube-shaped shell of fried pastry dough (zero calories!), filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta cheese (once again, zero calories!) It was absolutely delicious with the cappuccino and it was also the perfect way to spend some time in New York City and "people watching" (another hobby of mine! If you know me, you know that I don't miss a thing or detail!) We took the subway back to Time Square, had dinner and then off to the see "Rock of Ages" on Broadway (we highly recommend this performance if you lived through the 80's!) It was another amazing, return trip weekend in the Big Apple! A big thanks to Bruce and Ilene Wylie!!

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