Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Collector and Collections

As previously mentioned in an early posting, I have a "snowglobe collection". It actually started rather innocently, with no real intention, I think. It just came about and grew from there. Each year there is always the search for the next "perfect" globe to add to the collection. It has to have the right theme/feel/colour. Not just any old globe will suffice. Some of my globes play music and others are silent. That's okay. It's not a requirement in the selection process. However, it is nice to stop, turn the knob, shake them around a bit and watch the "miniature snow storm" when you're walking by. (Believe me, it doesn't take much to amuse me!!)

This is the latest find that I added to the collection. You will recall that I found it on the 9th Floor at Macy's Department Store on our recent return trip to New York City. Did you notice that it's a "Jim Shore". (If you're not sure what I referring to, "google" Jim Shore and you will find out). I'm quite thrilled with this find. Did I also mention that I have a "snowman collection", a "purse collection", a "fabric collection" (it's called a stash), a "thread collection", a "scarf/glove collection (this is more of a fettish than collection). Oh the list is endless but it makes life interesting and shopping a bit more enjoyable when there is a purpose.

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