Monday, October 4, 2010

My Best Shot!

Last week here in Brockville plus other areas of Ontario, it poured rain. For days. Lots of rain. We had continuous overcast. It never ended. Rainy days are great for getting work done inside (sewing, reading, snoozing). But when it lasts for a week, I find it a bit difficult to get motivated to do anything. Neil is more than willing to offer advice when this happens..."Why don't you work in your studio today?" I already did. "Go to the Dairy Queen and get yourself some ice cream?" I already did. Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. "Why don't you hop on your motocycle and go for a ride?" (Yes, I ride a motorcycle. Why do you ask?) Now you're thinking Neil!! Better yet, I'll take my camera along and see what I can find. I started out and a made a few stops along the Parkway. I took a few pics but I just didn't have the groove in me. My shots were okay but not thrilling. Boring actually. I was still experiencing the "cloudy overhead" that was still looming above plus I had been battling a head cold! What would make my day? I could always turn around and head back to Brockville and continue along my way to Maitland and loop around. Great idea! Sounds like a plan. But of course, there is always a method to my madness!! If you live in the Brockville area, there is a chip wagon in Maitland that serves the best fresh cut fries in the county! Believe me, I've been to pretty much all of them. Have you not seen my hips and thighs? I inherited them a long time ago and have maintained them well. After eating these fries, I had an all new perspective on life. The skies opened and the clouds parted. The sun shone brighter than it had in the past week or so all because of a little know chip wagon called "The Spud". Life couldn't possibly get any better than this!!


The Hunter's Wife said...

I love the fall colors in your photo.

pwl said...

So now I have to figure out where Maitland is. Darn! I was disappointed on the weekend because we passed Cornwall (and Lancaster) without going to that fantastic cheese factory just north of Lancaster. :-(