Friday, October 15, 2010


This past weekend which was Thanksgiving here in Ontario, the weather was absolutely perfect for October! Blue skies and a great excuse to pack up the camera and go for a ride. Actually, I have a photography class next weekend and there's homework involved! I've got to come up with some different pics to "Photoshop". While I was out and about, I happened to come along a fence that had old rusted bicycles lined up as far as the eye could see. Of course, I had to stop and take a picture which kind of lead me down a laneway to a building that was cluttered with "odds n' ends", "stuff", "junk" and lots of it. Piled everywhere. An old gentleman came out of the building and wanted to know if he could sell me something or at least find me something that he could sell me (which ever!!) He had everything that you could imagine plus more! He had collections of golf clubs, dishes, windows, mugs, stoves, pictures, furniture and I'm sure there was a kitchen sink stuffed someplace plus a pile of tossed dolls that required some reassembling or a good scrubbing. It never ended. "Oh, I've got two more barns full of stuff. Is there anything that you are looking for?" Honest to goodness, it would take days to get through everything and a lot of it was covered with tarps. Apparently, his collection of things is left over from previous auction sales. I was kind of tight for time but most certainly will make a trip back. Perhaps set a few hours aside and snoop around. You never know what you might find while you're digging.

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Rhonda said...

OMG....what alot of stuff, he has. There could be something really great just waiting to be found...LOL...
Question????? What is PhotoShop capable of or is that too big of a question to cover in an email....maybe post about PhotoShop on your blog.....I've very interested!