Friday, September 24, 2010

Patiently Waiting...

It's only been six years since I planted these holly bushes. It has been six years waiting for berries to form. Let me take you back to the very beginning...I purchased two holly bushes, one male and one female. A few years went by and absolutely nothing happened. I thought that perhaps they really didn't like each other and it was going to take a bit more time for them to get used to each other. I talked to them and gave them "positive encouragement" but nothing seemed to work. I finally went back to where I purchased the original bushes to conclude that I was sold (labelled incorrectly) 2 male bushes. I purchased the "missing link/female" and reverted back to my "motivational/yes you can speech" and looked what happened....berries!! Yes!! I was so thrilled that I was jumping for joy and thinking that I really do have a green thumb (a bit of a slow learner but it's there).
Pictured next is Dakoda. She isn't jumping for joy. She has been patiently waiting for what she thinks is approximately six years for her Mom to quit jumping around and take her for a walk. As you know, she's the princess and rules the castle! Obviously she didn't share in my excitement.

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