Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Settling the Score

Picking up where I last left off in my last posting, I was heading to the nearest Hardware Store to pick up a mouse trap. I picked up a "fancy smancy/the party has ended on King Street/git r done" mouse trap for a mere $6.99 (plus tax, all of them)! The trap has been set and if you are like me, it becomes an obsession of making numerous trips to the furnace room to see if I caught anything. Please note the number to the left as of this morning...six! That's a hockey team including the goalie! I wonder if they are all related? I think that the root cause is that we are heading into an early fall and the word has gotten out amongst the rodent population that they have located a new address for the winter. Not for long, since the "rodent eliminating program" has been implimented on King Street. I'm not sure if I will you keep you posted with the score. But if you would really like to know, email me!

Final Score : Seven!! Nope, it's eight now!!

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Dolores said...

There is a fairly new fangled thing that emits a high pitched sound to keep rodents away. I suppose I should say there is a different product on the market since I don't know how new/old it is.

My son had a mouse that was quite bold since he also has two cats...