Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Change the rules. Keep your eye on the moment. Swing hard, follow through. Learning is a muddy business. Expect to get messy. Lead with your heart. Detours can become main roads. Everyone needs a big eraser. Add relish. Play fair. Sometimes you find buried treasure when you're out looking for worms. There are lots of different ways to get there from here. Recess! A sharp pencil usually helps. You can learn from the stupidest things. How is more important than what. You don't need to buy tools first. Unzip your mind. Belly laugh. If you wait until you're ready, you'll never suit up for the game. Even huge elephants go vast distances one step at a time. Get out of your own way. Wait out the hard rains. Kindness counts. Ready, on your mark, get set, grow. Be thankful! Amen

And let's not forget the most important thing, shaping up applies to your whole life - not just your caboose! Another Amen!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Settling the Score

Picking up where I last left off in my last posting, I was heading to the nearest Hardware Store to pick up a mouse trap. I picked up a "fancy smancy/the party has ended on King Street/git r done" mouse trap for a mere $6.99 (plus tax, all of them)! The trap has been set and if you are like me, it becomes an obsession of making numerous trips to the furnace room to see if I caught anything. Please note the number to the left as of this morning...six! That's a hockey team including the goalie! I wonder if they are all related? I think that the root cause is that we are heading into an early fall and the word has gotten out amongst the rodent population that they have located a new address for the winter. Not for long, since the "rodent eliminating program" has been implimented on King Street. I'm not sure if I will you keep you posted with the score. But if you would really like to know, email me!

Final Score : Seven!! Nope, it's eight now!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Mouse in the House

I'm pretty sure I have a mouse in the house. I heard something scratching in the wall the other day so I went down to the basement to set a trap. I have no issues with setting a mouse trap. But this mouse (I'm hoping that that is what it is) has been messing with me! Or I should say, that I have been feeding him/her on a healthy diet of peanut butter. I load up the trap and he/she comes along and has a feast and the trap doesn't set off. This exercise has been going on for days now and I'm starting to get frustrated/disappointed in not catching the rodent. So, off to the Hardware Store this morning for a new trap. I'm definitely on a mission cause as the saying goes "When there is one, there is a hundred". Oh boy! Better get a move on!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cake Anyone?

Ah cake! Can anyone resist a quilting pattern named "Confetti Cake"? Not I! Just mentioning the word cake/tarts/squares grabs my attention quick and fast. (I think that I'm in withdrawal since it has been too hot to turn the oven on for anything especially baking!) This pattern is by "The Pattern Basket" and it has been on my list of "Quilts to Make" for a few years now. So the time has come, plus I needed to come up with a class to teach this coming fall at Taylor's here in Brockville. This pattern requires either a bunch of fat quarters or a "Layer Cake" (more bakery talk!!) I've had a layer cake set aside for another project but decided to use it for this particular quilt. This quilt is kind of, sort of, like building an Irish Chain. There are 20 blocks total and each one is one surprise after another since I have no idea how it's going to turn out. Don't ya just love surprises? I do, everyday of the week.