Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nellie & I

Spring certainly came in like a lamb and kind of stayed that way. I'm pretty sure that we are two weeks ahead of schedule when it comes to weather.
Good thing though...because it gives my cycling partner, Nellie Holmes and I more time to get in the kilometers (or miles for my imperial friends). Last year we set a goal of 1000 km. We almost made it...850 km to be exact! Schedules and weather became an issue for both of us but we certainly did have fun together! This year we set the bar even higher...1200 km! Yep, that's right!! Why do you ask? The first weekend in June, is the annual "Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour" with the Ottawa Cycling Club. Basically you cycling from Ottawa to Kingston, stay overnight in residence at Queen's University and then cycle back the next day. There are four different routes that you can take depending on your cycling ability (or however crazy/deranged you are). I have done the 200 km ride and a couple of years ago, Neil and I did the 360 km route. It is recommended that you have a least 1000 km before you begin this tour. There is a very good reason for this
and duly noted! I'm hoping that the weather cooperates which really makes a difference in your ride. I'll keep you posted on our progress! TaTa For Now!

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