Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jelly Rolls! (Fabric not Pastry)

I'm going to show you my favorite "roll". Jelly Rolls! (Fabric not bakery!) I think Moda was really on to something big when they came up with "Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and Turnovers". (Once again, I'm talking about fabric not bakery! Shucks again!!) These wonderful cuts of fabric have certainly made their way into our studios and it seems that more and more books/patterns are coming available with lots of ideas and usage. I'm in the process of building a quilt "Nostalgia" (a pattern by Moda, bless their little hearts) that uses two jelly rolls! There is a heck of a lot of piecing/cutting to this quilt but the thing that is really great is that my fabric is already prechosen, and precut! How convenient is that? Those Moda people sure are "smart cookies". Sorry, more bakery talk. I'll keep you posted of my progress. In the meantime, I'll save up some "dough" for the backing and try and prevent callous buildup on my "ladyfingers" when digging up the garden next week.

Here's a thought...do you think that perhaps somewhere in the world, someone tried prewashing their jelly roll fabric? I've always wondered...

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pwl said...

That fabric is very pretty, but all your talk of bakeries made me hungry. LOL

A friend and I attended your guild's quilt show last summer, and had lunch at a VERY nice bakery/deli downtown.