Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Threads That Bind Us

For many years, (not sure how many to be exact), Neil's mom Pat has been stitching away making embroidered tablecloths and matching napkins. I'm not sure how many she has done but her stitching is exquisite. She says it keeps her busy in the evenings, along with the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper that her and Neil's dad, Alf work on together. I believe the process is that she starts it and Alf completes it (that is the crossword puzzle not the embroidery, in case you were wondering). A few weeks ago, Pat was going through the leftover skeins of thread. "Either they give you too much or not enough" says Pat. "Do you want some? I have lots." I took a good sized bag home and immediately thought of needlepunch embroidery. My friend Christine Baker of Fairfield Road Designs http://www.uppercanadaquiltworks.com/ has the sweetest needlepunch embroidery patterns that she has published with lots of ideas of what you can do with your work afterwards. The above pic is "All Abuzz" pattern. I'm using Pat's leftover thread and will be giving it to her for her 86th birthday the end of April. If you haven't tried needlepunch before, well it's very simple, easy and very portable to take on the road when traveling.

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Rhonda said...

What a great project.....Love looking at your work!