Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Past

With Valentine's Day approaching this weekend, I can't help but reflect on when I was a little kid, heading off to school with my Valentine's in hand. Keep in mind that I had spent a good part of an evening sitting at the kitchen table writing out names and double checking the correct spelling with my Mom. (I was a bit of a perfectionist. Wanted to get it right the first time). Of course, I had to sign cards with "Sharon Z" since there was another Sharon in my class. Hey, I wanted to take credit for all my hard work and accuracy. I recall decorating paper bags at school and then taping them to the wall so that other classmates could drop in a card for you. You can bet I double checked the name to make sure it said "Sharon Z" and not "Sharon B", the other girl in my class. I think I made her do the same. Lord help her if she had one of my Valentine's! All in all, Valentine's Day is either a "hit or miss" with most people. Who cannot resist red hearts and cupids in February? Also it's a perfect reason (guilt free) to eat chocolate. What's even better is when it comes in a heart shaped box...boy oh boy! I've come to appreciate February the 14th since Neil makes it very special in his own little way. When Neil and I first started dating, he had flowers delivered to the house. I was pretty sure that the delivery person had the wrong address and that there had been a terrible mistake. He responded with "Is your name Sharon Z?" "Sure is". "Then these are yours"!!

"Happy Valentine's Day" xoxo