Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heaven on Earth

This would be Neil's version of "Heaven on Earth" - skiing in waist deep, fresh powder snow, deep enough that he would need to get out the "Powder Boards (a.k.a. "The Salomon Big Guns") Can't you just feel the excitement?
This would be my version of "Heaven on Earth" - reusable strips to use on your sewing maching for consistent 1/4" seams every time. No more stacked up masking tape gumming up the face plate on my machine. Oh yeah!! Bring it on!!
Here is a pic to demonstrate my new found favorite tool by QTools - Sewing Edge. "Another frustration free quilting solution".
Very clever indeed.

(The first pic was taken two weekends ago while we were skiing at Jay Peak Ski Resort in Vermont. The other two pics were taken in my studio when we returned from skiing in Vermont.)

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