Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Back Burner

This has happened to all of us at one time or another, especially quilters. The "Back Burner". It's happened in my studio. It started in January when I started with an overhaul of my stash. I found fabric that I had completely neglected. I found kits that I purchased a couple of years buried at the back of the closet and had forgotten about. Once I started pulling fabric out and then I immediately started to "regroup" and then the ideas started flowing, and then I got carried away and started heaving out patterns stored away waiting to be put to good use. So needless to say, Neil's "Labour of Love" quilt, that was suppose to have been completed by now has gone to the "back burner, again". It's not like I'm never going to finish it. I just got "distracted" for the past few months. (Neil, you should know by now that I'm easily distracted and I'm not happy unless I have a few things on the go. Does this sound familiar? "Birds of a feather flock together") So to get all my ideas in order, I've made a list to keep it all in perspective...

1. Neil's quilt (Chocolaholic)
2. Summer Citrus (fabric already purchased)
3. Sweet Tea (using pink fabrics, heaven forbid. Finally found a background fabric)
4. Add borders to lap quilt (a kit that I purchased two years ago)
5. Nostalgia (I took this class with my friend Nellie Holmes and I have to admit I can't put it down. Another "root cause of the back burner" excuse)
6. Make a couple of table runners for the upcoming Silent Auction for the Thousand Islands Quilters Guild (the auction is in November but as you know time flies by quickly and I will be scrambling a week before. Better get it on a list before it's too late)

This list could go on forever and ever. I just jotting down what I can see in my studio at this moment. As the saying goes, "Too much fabric and not enough time" would certainly apply here.


Christa Irell said...

LOL Sharon, you are a hoot!
I think it is okay to put stuff on the back burner and go with what inspires you at the time. Otherwise, I think what we love just becomes a chore.
I have been plenty sidetracked with an art course I am taking, so I have a back burner too! lol
Of course, I could make a list at least as long as yours with things that are piled up, waiting to be finished. And they will be finished. When it is their turn!

Rhonda said...

Oh Sharon.....we are sisters of the heart.....I hear you....I just haven't made a list yet.
Take care.