Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heaven on Earth

This would be Neil's version of "Heaven on Earth" - skiing in waist deep, fresh powder snow, deep enough that he would need to get out the "Powder Boards (a.k.a. "The Salomon Big Guns") Can't you just feel the excitement?
This would be my version of "Heaven on Earth" - reusable strips to use on your sewing maching for consistent 1/4" seams every time. No more stacked up masking tape gumming up the face plate on my machine. Oh yeah!! Bring it on!!
Here is a pic to demonstrate my new found favorite tool by QTools - Sewing Edge. "Another frustration free quilting solution".
Very clever indeed.

(The first pic was taken two weekends ago while we were skiing at Jay Peak Ski Resort in Vermont. The other two pics were taken in my studio when we returned from skiing in Vermont.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Back Burner

This has happened to all of us at one time or another, especially quilters. The "Back Burner". It's happened in my studio. It started in January when I started with an overhaul of my stash. I found fabric that I had completely neglected. I found kits that I purchased a couple of years buried at the back of the closet and had forgotten about. Once I started pulling fabric out and then I immediately started to "regroup" and then the ideas started flowing, and then I got carried away and started heaving out patterns stored away waiting to be put to good use. So needless to say, Neil's "Labour of Love" quilt, that was suppose to have been completed by now has gone to the "back burner, again". It's not like I'm never going to finish it. I just got "distracted" for the past few months. (Neil, you should know by now that I'm easily distracted and I'm not happy unless I have a few things on the go. Does this sound familiar? "Birds of a feather flock together") So to get all my ideas in order, I've made a list to keep it all in perspective...

1. Neil's quilt (Chocolaholic)
2. Summer Citrus (fabric already purchased)
3. Sweet Tea (using pink fabrics, heaven forbid. Finally found a background fabric)
4. Add borders to lap quilt (a kit that I purchased two years ago)
5. Nostalgia (I took this class with my friend Nellie Holmes and I have to admit I can't put it down. Another "root cause of the back burner" excuse)
6. Make a couple of table runners for the upcoming Silent Auction for the Thousand Islands Quilters Guild (the auction is in November but as you know time flies by quickly and I will be scrambling a week before. Better get it on a list before it's too late)

This list could go on forever and ever. I just jotting down what I can see in my studio at this moment. As the saying goes, "Too much fabric and not enough time" would certainly apply here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Past

With Valentine's Day approaching this weekend, I can't help but reflect on when I was a little kid, heading off to school with my Valentine's in hand. Keep in mind that I had spent a good part of an evening sitting at the kitchen table writing out names and double checking the correct spelling with my Mom. (I was a bit of a perfectionist. Wanted to get it right the first time). Of course, I had to sign cards with "Sharon Z" since there was another Sharon in my class. Hey, I wanted to take credit for all my hard work and accuracy. I recall decorating paper bags at school and then taping them to the wall so that other classmates could drop in a card for you. You can bet I double checked the name to make sure it said "Sharon Z" and not "Sharon B", the other girl in my class. I think I made her do the same. Lord help her if she had one of my Valentine's! All in all, Valentine's Day is either a "hit or miss" with most people. Who cannot resist red hearts and cupids in February? Also it's a perfect reason (guilt free) to eat chocolate. What's even better is when it comes in a heart shaped box...boy oh boy! I've come to appreciate February the 14th since Neil makes it very special in his own little way. When Neil and I first started dating, he had flowers delivered to the house. I was pretty sure that the delivery person had the wrong address and that there had been a terrible mistake. He responded with "Is your name Sharon Z?" "Sure is". "Then these are yours"!!

"Happy Valentine's Day" xoxo

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

World's Largest Skating Rink

Winter seems to be a busy time of year for us since most weekends are usually designated for skiing. At the end of every winter season, I complain bitterly about not having skated the Rideau Canal. It's like living in Toronto and never have been up the CN Tower (I shake my head in disgust). It's been a few years since I donned a pair of skates and this past weekend, Neil and I made the committment of spending a few hours on the canal. If you're going to make the effort of heading down to the canal, packing the car with skates and warm clothing, you might as well skate the entire thing! We laced up just off of Bronson Street, skated towards downtown Ottawa and then came back, looped around Dow's Lake and then up to Carleton University for a total of 20 km (or 12.42 miles for my Imperial friends). Not bad for a three year hiatus. Our reward...a Maple Butter Beavertail. (What's a Beavertail you ask?? Well, it's a Canadian version of the donut, in which the dough is made into the flat shape of a beavers tail and flavoured with lemon, maple syrup and cinnamon. You can't get anymore Canadian than this!)
Now mind you this is a "once in a blue moon treat" but having just skating the entire length of the canal, in minus 15 degree weather, it was well deserved and burned off. In conclusion, "All sins are forgiven here. Amen".