Friday, January 29, 2010

I Couldn't Be More Happier!

I'm happy. I'm glad. I'm thrilled to pieces! Why? Cause winter came back! I missed it! I'm almost sure that old man winter was feeling the neglect. I was able to fire up the snowblower yesterday which has become my new "favorite winter activity". Last week, we had very mild temperatures and lots of rain. I will take the blame for this because as I was driving home from work the other morning, and was astounded with the amount salt and dirt on my car. I was contemplating whether or not to run it through the car wash and thought "if only it would rain"! And rain it did. In fact, flooding has been reported in the surrounding area. Sorry about that! Anyways, the temperature has taken a nose dive and the snow came back. (You can insert groans/moans here...). The thing is that I am Canadian. I love the changing of the seasons that we get to experience here in Ontario. Winter is a favorite time of year for us...skiing!! Yes, Neil was fretting over the amount of snow that disappeared over the past week. "Don't worry Neil. There will be more cause it's only January"! The lack of snow causes him "much stress". As well, on these cold, wintery days is the perfect setting for wearing pajamas all day, putting a fire on and sewing until your little heart is content. It is a well known, proven fact that you achieve better, and more consistent 1/4" seams with pajamas on. Please feel free to prove me wrong.


Rhonda said...

Wow, what a are definitely in the middle of in central Texas.....we just got a ton of rain. The temp is about 50....booohooo!

Joyce said...

You are a gal after my own heart. We have lots of snow, I just got new snowshoes and the sewing machine is oiled and ready to go. What could be better?