Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forever Plaid

Just before Christmas, Chelsey, Jess and myself had a "Girlfriend Day" together downtown Ottawa. We went out for lunch to the "Scone Witch" (yummy!), and then did a bit of Christmas shopping together. Not only was it a fun day spent together with the girls but it was also very educational for me. (You can learn a heck of a lot from an 18 & 19 year-old). One thing that I did notice was plaid is huge amongst this age group (boys & girls). I'm talking about the big shirts that quite honestly reminded me of what my father wore many years ago on the farm. I came across one blouse and thought "I wore something like this in high school". Here's the proof...this is a picture of me taken during one of my Art Class at Norwell District High School, in Palmerston, Ontario, in 1982 (yep, that's right!) I was doing something with clay and probably ended up as a paper weight that I gave to my dad on Father's Day. I really don't recall. I should have kept that blouse! It only took 28 years to be back in style!


Rhonda said... is true that fashions come back. The kids at my former school were in the clog shoes the other year thinking that were really in the groove. But I told them that, nope, those shoes were in the 70s.

I LOVE YOU said...
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