Friday, January 29, 2010

I Couldn't Be More Happier!

I'm happy. I'm glad. I'm thrilled to pieces! Why? Cause winter came back! I missed it! I'm almost sure that old man winter was feeling the neglect. I was able to fire up the snowblower yesterday which has become my new "favorite winter activity". Last week, we had very mild temperatures and lots of rain. I will take the blame for this because as I was driving home from work the other morning, and was astounded with the amount salt and dirt on my car. I was contemplating whether or not to run it through the car wash and thought "if only it would rain"! And rain it did. In fact, flooding has been reported in the surrounding area. Sorry about that! Anyways, the temperature has taken a nose dive and the snow came back. (You can insert groans/moans here...). The thing is that I am Canadian. I love the changing of the seasons that we get to experience here in Ontario. Winter is a favorite time of year for us...skiing!! Yes, Neil was fretting over the amount of snow that disappeared over the past week. "Don't worry Neil. There will be more cause it's only January"! The lack of snow causes him "much stress". As well, on these cold, wintery days is the perfect setting for wearing pajamas all day, putting a fire on and sewing until your little heart is content. It is a well known, proven fact that you achieve better, and more consistent 1/4" seams with pajamas on. Please feel free to prove me wrong.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forever Plaid

Just before Christmas, Chelsey, Jess and myself had a "Girlfriend Day" together downtown Ottawa. We went out for lunch to the "Scone Witch" (yummy!), and then did a bit of Christmas shopping together. Not only was it a fun day spent together with the girls but it was also very educational for me. (You can learn a heck of a lot from an 18 & 19 year-old). One thing that I did notice was plaid is huge amongst this age group (boys & girls). I'm talking about the big shirts that quite honestly reminded me of what my father wore many years ago on the farm. I came across one blouse and thought "I wore something like this in high school". Here's the proof...this is a picture of me taken during one of my Art Class at Norwell District High School, in Palmerston, Ontario, in 1982 (yep, that's right!) I was doing something with clay and probably ended up as a paper weight that I gave to my dad on Father's Day. I really don't recall. I should have kept that blouse! It only took 28 years to be back in style!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Out With the Old And In With the New

Do you make New Year Resolutions? I don't. Never have. They never last. You know, be more healthy/lose weight/exercise/reconnect with family & friends etc., etc. Blah, blah, blah! The list can be endless. I have always looked at January as a new year, a new beginning with no mistakes (so far). So while I'm putting away the Christmas decor, I purge at the same time, and some times organize as well. (My paper shredder had a good little workout this morning. Why do I need to keep an electric bill from two years ago?? It's gone!!) With this in mind, my next big task is purging/organizing my studio. My goal is to completely go through my stash and ask myself a very simple question "I am ever going to use this piece/fat quarter of fabric?" Right now my studio it completely out of control (I blame it on the Christmas gifts that I made plus lack of time putting things back into order before starting the next project). And what are my plans for the "rejected/don't need it" fabric? Well my friend Jeanette is a member of "Victoria's Quilts" which is a group of quilters that make quilts for cancer patients. Jeanette has asked me a few times for any unwanted fabric that will be put to good use and brighten someone's day. Ask, and ye shall receive. So with this request in mind, I'm geared up to start liquidating!

Please note: The above picture is definitely not my garbage. I am the "Recycling Queen of the World". Well, maybe not of the world but I do make a conscious effort. Usually my garbage consists of one small, very small bag and an overflowing recycling bin.