Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take Four

I've been getting a little bit excited these days. Halloween is over and now the rush is on for Christmas. What's so great about this? I'll tell ya...it's all the Christmas decorations, baking ingredients, new food products just for the Holiday Season. Do you get it now? My favorite thing to do is to go around to the different stores and check out what's new. I don't necessarily buy anything. I just like gawking at it. This past weekend, Neil and I made a quick trip to Ogdensburg, New York which is just a "hop and a skip" from Brockville. It's fun heading to the United States and snooping around the different stores cause everything is just a bit different than what we have here in Canada. Take a look at the "Oreo cookies". They're different. These ones are "Winter" with a red center. (They had the same ones for Halloween but the centers were orange. Neat eh!). I bought these for Chelsey & Tyler's lunches (oh, and Neil too!) but they came with specific instructions. They had to "take four". Two for themselves and two for someone else. The recipient has to be someone who just might need a "spring in their step", or is "having a bad day", or just to "surprise someone". Who can't resist an Oreo cookie, especially one with a red center. Also, it's fun to share and the kids get a kick out of doing so. (I wonder where they get it from??)

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