Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conversing with Dakoda

If you were to ever have a conversation with Dakoda, it would go something like this...

"Wanna go outside? Let's go outside. Can we go outside? We should go outside. Have you been outside?"

Dakoda is our beloved, French-Canadian Golden Retriever whom we adopted two years ago after hearing of her blight of needing a new home. She is not your average Golden Retriever, personality wise. She is a.k.a. "The Princess/Drama Queen (as the kids refer to her as)/Head of the House"
Lord help you if you don't include her in every activity especially a car ride. She's always glad to see you when you get home but then will "chew you out" for leaving her behind...alone, again! Despite all her idiosyncrasies, she is a very affectionate, loving dog and has certainly won the hearts of her family especially her grandparents. I keep reminding Neil that we wouldn't trade her for a million dollars. This statement is usually followed by a long pause by Neil and then an even further pause when I look at him for a response. It then will be followed by "I'm still thinking". A house isn't the same without a dog.

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What a beautiful dog! Would love to have one, but have way too many cats. lol