Monday, October 19, 2009


Ever notice that pretty much every quilter has a "distinguishing feature" when it comes to their work. You know, there's the appliquers, the embellishers, the traditionalists etc. What I'm getting at is that everyone has their own "claim to fame" when it comes to quilting. For example, my friend Tammy Spencer. She is a master at several trades...long arm machine quilter (she does all of my quilting. I usually hand over a quilt top with instructions to "surprise me!!"), works extremely well under pressure (I know for a fact that she has pulled a few all nighters to get her quilts done for a show or two!!) But the one thing that always inspired me was her embroidery! She has done some amazing quilts with embroidered blocks. With this in mind, Tammy introduced me to Crapapple Hill Studio after seeing her "Winter Wonderland" quilt which took 1st Place at the recent Thousand Islands Quilters Guild "Quilt Fest" this past June. It was stunning!! It was beautiful!! It made me want to start doing some embroidery of my own!! First stop...Crapapple Hill Studio website. Since I'm a lover of Halloween, I immediately spotted "Hocuspocusville", a whimsical witch's village. It's 12 blackwork embroidered blocks of shops surrounding the town "nine patch" squares. How many blocks do I have done...almost 2! This is what I was working on in the car when Neil and I drove home for Thanksgiving last weekend. Will it be done in time for Halloween? Absolutely!! October 31st, 2011 to be exact! Man is there ever a lot of stitching! But it's something that I can pick up after working the night shift, or sit and watch a movie with no thought required. (Bridget Jones's Diary is a great movie to watch when stitching or binding a quilt). Isn't it amazing how your quilting friends have such an impact on one another!!


Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

Oh Sharon...This is one of my favourite future patterns to do. I have lots of Halloween projects I want to do but this one is on the top of my list.


I don't get into embroidery, but this is such an awesome pattern! Very Whimsical! I have a friend who is nearly finished with her blocks and I shall be quilting it soon. She wants me to use some glow in the dark thread. Should really stand out at night. lol