Friday, October 30, 2009

A Labour of Love

October was an extremely busy month for all of us...traveling to visit both families for Thanksgiving and aging just a bit. We celebrated two birthdays this month, Chelsey who is now 19-years-old and Neil whom I won't mention his age no matter what you may bribe me with.
Okay, you got it out of me, here's a hint...take my age and add on five years = Neil's age. (He absolutely hates it when I mention this little equation!! But as my mother would say "it's just a number which really doesn't mean a whole lot!! Always listen to your mother!! Sometimes she may know more than you!!) What did Neil get for his birthday? He got a box of 24 fat quarters...batiks to be exact, his favorite! If you ask him, he'll tell you it's the "beginning of a stash waiting to happen"! The plans? I'm building a "Chocolate Bliss" quilt which is an original design by my friend Nellie Holmes How many quilters have given a gift that will be "completed later"? Please raise your hand. Okay, you are forgiven! I am one of those quilters that enjoys and savors the process of building and creating. Did you know that your 1/4" seams are more accurate if you sew in your pajamas?? It's a well known fact and proven by many of my quilting friends. Come to my house on one of my days off and I will give you a demonstration. In the meantime, I will continue to build Neil's quilt. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Make a Woman Happy...Very Happy!

Every man on the face of the earth should know the answer to this statement or at least have some sort of understanding when it comes to making any woman happy. It doesn't take much to make me happy (Neil will agree to this...I think). Any little thing pleases me. I live on the theory of "keeping it simple" and I don't like "complicated things or matters". Yesterday, here on King Street, I was one "happy woman"!! Do you see it!! No more "man eating holes". No more mounds of dirt and gravel. No more pipes, fittings and heavy machinery. It's grass baby!! I was deliriously happy and then came along this watering truck who hosed down all the sod and cleaned the sidewalk! Now that's how you make this woman happy!! I was so overcome with joy that I hosed down the front of the house and cleaned windows to remove the 1/4" dust that had been accumulating for months and months. King Street is coming back to life!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Ever notice that pretty much every quilter has a "distinguishing feature" when it comes to their work. You know, there's the appliquers, the embellishers, the traditionalists etc. What I'm getting at is that everyone has their own "claim to fame" when it comes to quilting. For example, my friend Tammy Spencer. She is a master at several trades...long arm machine quilter (she does all of my quilting. I usually hand over a quilt top with instructions to "surprise me!!"), works extremely well under pressure (I know for a fact that she has pulled a few all nighters to get her quilts done for a show or two!!) But the one thing that always inspired me was her embroidery! She has done some amazing quilts with embroidered blocks. With this in mind, Tammy introduced me to Crapapple Hill Studio after seeing her "Winter Wonderland" quilt which took 1st Place at the recent Thousand Islands Quilters Guild "Quilt Fest" this past June. It was stunning!! It was beautiful!! It made me want to start doing some embroidery of my own!! First stop...Crapapple Hill Studio website. Since I'm a lover of Halloween, I immediately spotted "Hocuspocusville", a whimsical witch's village. It's 12 blackwork embroidered blocks of shops surrounding the town "nine patch" squares. How many blocks do I have done...almost 2! This is what I was working on in the car when Neil and I drove home for Thanksgiving last weekend. Will it be done in time for Halloween? Absolutely!! October 31st, 2011 to be exact! Man is there ever a lot of stitching! But it's something that I can pick up after working the night shift, or sit and watch a movie with no thought required. (Bridget Jones's Diary is a great movie to watch when stitching or binding a quilt). Isn't it amazing how your quilting friends have such an impact on one another!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cassidy Thanksgiving

This past weekend certainly went by quickly...too quickly to be exact. The majority of our time was spent traveling from one side of Ontario to visit my family and then heading back to the other side to visit Neil's family. To make the traveling time go faster, I downloaded a book and a couple of podcasts to listen to along the way. While Neil was busy driving and listening, I spent the time working on some stitching. One can accomplish a lot of stitches in 12 hours! Monday afternoon we arrived in Osgoode for the "Cassidy Family Thanksgiving". Pictured here is Neil's brothers, John & Bruce and his Mom & Dad, Pat & Alf. I give Pat a lot of credit in raising four boys!! It's been several years since everyone has been home at the same time, in the same city, in the same room to celebrate a holiday or event. The kids had a great time visiting with their aunts, uncles and cousins. The food was plentiful and delicious in both destinations (I made the mistake of jumping on the scales this morning. How many pieces of pumpkin pie did I actual inhale?? Oh my!!)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Look What I Spotted...

It's Friday afternoon and I have been up for 1 1/2 hrs (came off the night shift this morning). What have I done so far? Read the Ottawa Citizen (I'm addicted to this paper. It gives me a bit of everything that I need to know and since it's reviews!!), consumed a bowl of cereal and topped it off with a coffee. Now I'm waiting for the java to kick in!! Next on the agenda is to check my emails and snoop around the internet.
I also like to check into a few of my favorite blogs. I love to read what other quilters are working on or seeing a pic of their latest find. Then I spotted this pic on The jelly rolls caught my eye but then I noticed what was underneath the rolls!! It's the miniature quilt that I made for an exchange that took forever (three months to be exact) to travel from Canada to Australia last fall. I was almost certain that it was confiscated since the parcel contained Maple syrup. So there it is!! Put to good use!! This absolutely thrills me to pieces!! Now it's got me thinking...I have enough left over fabric to make a second one! Perhaps a giveaway on my blog?? I'll have to ponder over this one.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This coming weekend is our Thanksgiving here in Canada. Our weekend plans are to head home to visit with my side of the family and staying in Elora with friends. We will commence our weekend early Saturday morning to beat the traffic driving through Toronto. Neil has already been "briefed" on the weekend agenda which consists of stopping at a couple of quilt shops along the way!
(Keep in mind, this usually costs me lunch in St. Jacobs at Vidalia's) Sunday we're travelling to the family farm and spending time with my family. Monday morning we are back on the road again early not only to get ahead of the traffic, but also on to another Thanksgiving dinner with Neil's family in Osgoode. Neil's oldest brother Bruce and his family are visiting from Alberta and the entire gang will be together, the first in many, many years. So needless to say, we have a busy weekend ahead of us plus lots of turkey, gravy, mashed pototes and I mustn't forget to mention pumpkin pie with whip cream! It's only once a year that I indulge but someone has to do it. Happy Thanksgiving from Our Home to Yours!