Tuesday, August 11, 2009

At My Front Door

My plans were to avoid blogging any further about what was taking place on the street where I live. However, due to popular demands, questioning and curiosity by my regular readers, the sega will continue. This is what happened outside my front door today. Yep, the workers removed the front cement slab to locate the water line that runs into the house. Here is another "man eating hole" that they dug to gain access to the lines. Don't you just dig it??!!
This is the view from my front door. Notice how my plants are on the edge of destruction? I begged the construction workers to take pity on my innocent plants and avoid the brutality. They did!

But I have another story to tell. See the picture of the two cute little girls? While I was negotiating with the foreman over my flower bed and wanting to know precisely how far back they planned on digging, these two little girls came down the street amongst the construction. I noticed right away the workers getting their wallets out or rummaging through their pockets. These little girls started their own lemonade/ice tea delivery business. The workers placed their orders... 50 cents for a cold beverage or for $1 you got a beverage and a home baked chocolate chip cookie. (Of course, I had to get the scoop!!) They returned to their house or "head office" which was just around the corner, filled the order and returned to deliver their orders. They informed me that yesterday they made $23.00. Not bad for their first day in business and the weather was perfect for sales... hot and humid! Now that's impressive!! You go girls!!