Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Environment on King Street

The construction on King Street has begun. The city is replacing the sewer and water lines under the street. It started with cutting down of the old maple trees along the boulevard (I had to walk away and cover my ears and eyes during this process). Then the machinery rolled in. Parked out in front of the house is an old railroad cargo container. It houses their tools and other miscellaneous items. Why they chose to dump it off, right in front of the house and obstruct the view of the street for the next two months is beyond me!! I am thoroughly convinced that they are testing me!! Neil says that I should remain positive and look on the bright side. (He can be such a "Pollyanna") So, I took his advice and spotted this guy...Mr. Deltoid, with a 1" thick tan. Okay, I can make this work!! Positive thinking!! Neil, you're absolutely right!! The noise begins at 7 a.m. right through until 7 p.m. The good thing is that there is absolutely no traffic!! You can hear crickets at night! In the evening, I walk down the centre of the street to check out the progress. It kind of gives one an eery feeling! Expected date of completion...October 30th! Oh Lord!! Welcome to my world!!

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Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

OMG poor you! What a view from the house with that mess! It's sad that they had to take down all those maples. :0(