Monday, July 6, 2009

A Day at the Cottage

I was able to go to the cottage yesterday since it quit raining (only four days worth). The last thing that Neil said was "Be prepared to work". What??!! The kitchen is in its final stages of completion involving moving stuff back into the cupboards. We have almost three times the cupboard space that we had before. However, when I arrived, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. All of our cottage neighbors were out on their docks/boats. So the idea of cleaning and unpacking the kitchen stuff suddenly was no longer a priority! I guess that it didn't help with me saying to Neil "It's just too darn nice outside to be working inside. Lets grab a couple of chairs and sit on the dock and enjoy the weather". (Works everytime! Neil is such a push over!!). Chelsey and Jackson made a surprise visit to the cottage in the afternoon. They had been camping nearby and had had problems with their Coleman stove. So they arrived good and hungry! I love it when the kids are with us at the cottage. Or I should say, I love it when we have company at the cottage since everyone knows that there is always some sort of activity going on and lots of food to accompany. We then went out in the boat (after feeding them) to the kids favorite "swimming hole". Of course, Dakoda wasn't far behind since she knew there was a ride involved. Lord help us if we ever left her behind! I'll post pics of the newly renovated kitchen...stay tuned!

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I just came upon your blog today and I think it is great. I really love the post about the time capsule - great idea. Take care!