Friday, July 31, 2009

Complain No More!!

Construction is well underway on King Street here in Brockville. As of yesterday, this is what it now looks like in front of the house. Look at the size of that "man eating" hole! There once was a maple tree there! In a previous posting, I did a bit of complaining of what was happening along the street. However, after taking a little stroll down the street to check out the ongoing mess, I came to noticed that I'm not alone with this construction...

My neighbour, two houses down the street, has this huge pile of dirt in front if their house.

Further down, is another neighbour that was fortunate enough to get this "johnny on the spot" plunked down at the end of their lane way. (I didn't look to see if there was hand sanitizer or magazines in there for the workers)

This neighbour across the street now has a big hole in their front lawn!! They also took out part of their drive way yesterday.

So needless to say, I will no longer be grumbling about the railroad container housed at the front of the house, the excess noise of the digging and pounding (the noise would remind you of an "unbalanced load of laundry in the washing machine") and the dust and dirt. The next posting of the progress on King Street will be the finishing phase...stay tuned. It won't be happening any time soon! Only three months to go until completion. Yippee!! (In case you were wondering, there has been no further sightings of "Mr. Deltoid". I'll be on the alert!)

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Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

holy crap! glad I don't live on that street. It must be a bugger to bring all your groceries and purchases into the house since it looks like you have to park so far away from your house with the street being closed and all. I was up that way last week and the street looks a mess.