Sunday, June 7, 2009

Planting Season on the Farm

Even though I moved away from the family farm over 20 years ago, I don't think that I will ever lose the "country feeling" and will remain a "country girl". Spring was always a busy time of year on the farm with the plowing, cultivating and planting of fields. Pictured here is my youngest brother Leslie, who continued on with the family business (He's a grain broker which means that he buys and sells grain to area mills) which my Dad started many years ago. I remember this picture all to well! Every spring, Les would plant a kernel of corn in Mom's garden and he would continuously compare his height to the growth of the stalk. He kept this ritual up for quite a few years growing up on the farm. He now plants many acres of corn but I don't think he's no longer interested in comparing his height to his crop. (See the rubber boots? Les was never seen without them!! He slept in them too!! As a boy!!)

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Rhonda said...

Hi there. Oh I love this little piece of your family history. It's great to have those kinds of memories. Little boys and their boots......LOL
Take care and have a great week.