Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Begun!!

I was notifed by the City of Brockville a few months ago that starting in July right through until October that the city is tearing up a section of King Street...from Cedar right through to Beecher Streets. According to my trusty map of the city, this includes 4 city blocks...smack dap right in front of my house!! They are replacing the water and sewer lines. So this means, lots of digging with a very loud jackhammer, lots of trucks, (noise, noise, noise!!) and the worst of all...dust/dirt/grime!! I am not looking forward to the next 4 months! The day that they dig up the street in front of the house will the exact day that I trying to sleep cause I'm on the night shift! Oh Lord!! I'm trying to keep positive about the whole thing...it's only 78 days of construction, (that's if they don't get into a pickle of some sort!) Perhaps I should just move to the cottage and take up residence there. I could bake a batch of "coconut raspberry tarts" and bribe them to just avoid the section of the street in front of the house...hhmmm!

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