Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Day!

I know I'm a bit early, but next Sunday, June 21st is "Father's Day". Pictured here is my Dad, Stan Zurbrigg. Dad was born and raised on the family farm and continues to help out even though he is retired. It's will never take the farmer away from the farm! Dad continues to help with the working/planting of the fields and enjoys every minute of it. When he is not helping out on the farm, he enjoys his weekly outings at the nearby Tim Horton's in Harriston to catch up with the latest news. Now that the weather is warm, he bikes uptown to pick up the mail and of course chat with someone along the way. He always seems to run into someone that he hasn't seen in a while. Mom never knows when he is going to return home! Dad has a habit of calling me on a Sunday morning just before heading to church just to say "hello". I look forward to these calls!! He always has a story to tell. Now you know where I get it from!! The apple doesn't fall from the tree. Happy Father's Day, Dad! With lots of love from your family!!

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