Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photoshop 101

A couple of weeks ago, I had another birthday. Neil and I spent my birthday weekend cycling around Prince Edward County which we have done for the past three years! Here is Neil and I waiting for the ferry to head home. What's different about this pic is that I ran it through Photoshop (before and after making some adjustments). Yup, that's what I got for my birthday from the kids and Koda!! What's even more exciting is that Neil got me a new camera to play with...a Nikon D60!! I was so surprised, shocked (didn't see that one coming!) that I would have to admit that I started to cry. I've had my eye on this camera for quite some time and actually was trying to figure out how to fit in a couple of overtime shifts into my schedule so that I could purchase this camera guilt free. I'm still learning my way around with the photoshop and camera. As Chelsey says, "Learning is part of the fun!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rickety Picket Fence

Right beside the house is an old "rickety picket fence". It came with the house and has seen better days or could easily be described as an "eye sore". I love this fence. It has so much character from the "wear n' tear" over the years, but it has to go. Plans are in the works for replacing the fence with a new and improved version. I'm still going with the "picket" concept but feel as though I'm bidding fareware to an old friend. Hey, I'm the gal that has a hard time parting with anything!! I'm a "make due with what I've got". I'll eventually get over this once I see the new one!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Work in Progress

So, here we are...the final phase of the quilt. Putting it all together!! I'm starting to realize that it's going to be bigger than I had initially thought.
I don't have enough room on my design wall, so therefore, I'm having to lay it out in sections. I found the absolute perfect border!! Neil gave me a gift certificate from "The Running Stitch" in Kanata, Ontario for Christmas (Boy, he must really love me or it is my quilts!! hhmmm!)
I already have my good friend Tammy Spencer lined up to do the machine quilting on her long arm. I'm getting more and more excited since it has taken me over two months to build the blocks. I will have it done just in time for the Thousand Islands Quilters Guild Quilt Festival coming up June 19 & 20, 2009. Be sure to seek it out!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are We There Yet?

The question of the week has to be the progress of my latest quilt. Are you done yet? Almost!
Only 15 more blocks to go (keep in mind there were only 165 blocks to make) and then the fun part begins...putting it all together!! I timed myself and it takes approximately 40 minutes to piece five blocks. I used a total of 30 different Civil War prints with a few repeats of my favorite ones. During construction, I just stick my IPod into my pocket and listen to the latest podcast of the "Vinyl Cafe" or catch up on an audible book while sewing.
I chewed through "Cutting the Stone" (highly recommended!!) It's amazing how much work you accomplish without any interruptions plus a great way of getting caught up with the latest novel.

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Spring!

Who cannot resist a planter at the backdoor sprouting with pansies? These precious little flowers are an absolute must to get the Spring Season or feeling rolling. Actually, I have two planters with at the front door and one at the back. You never know who might arrive and not sure what door they might take. Either way, it's a welcoming sign of Spring.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Me and My Mom

With Mother's Day approaching this coming weekend, I thought I would share a picture of my Mom for the occasion. Yep, that's me she's holding onto! Her name is Ruth. She grew up on a farm outside of Palmerston, Ontario. Before marrying my Dad, she worked as a secretary for Canada Packers in Harriston, Ontario. She then went on to become a farmer's wife on a dairy farm and raising five kids (or six if you count Dad). I still recall going to the barn early in the morning to find my Mom walking between cows with a milker in hand. We were only allowed to walk along the stable since Mom was afraid of one of the cows "stepping on us". I can still hear the sound of the cellar door latch opening knowing that Mom was in from the barn. I used to lay on the couch quietly waiting for that moment to come. I recall pretending that I was too sick to go to school so that I could spend the day with her without any interruptions from my other siblings. Mom is now in her early 70's and still remains very active and still enjoys her gardening and flowerbeds. Happy Mother's Day!! With lots of love from your family.

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 1965

If you haven't guessed it by is my birthday! I remember when this picture was taken on the back steps at the family farm. Looking closely, I can see 4 candles on the left side of the cake. Not sure if it's my 4th birthday or did Mom just run out of candles and made do with what she had in the cupboard? Anyways, that was 40 years ago plus the candles. (You can do the math to figure out my age.) What are my plans for today? Digging in the garden and perhaps rent a movie for this evening, if I can stay awake long enough to enjoy!