Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Family Birthday!

This past weekend, we celebrated Pat's birthday (Neil's mom). She is 86 years of age (don't tell her that I mentioned her age on my blog!) Let me tell you a bit about Pat or Patricia, which sometimes I do refer to her as...she is originally from Surrey, England and was a War Bride. Alf (Neil's dad) and Pat met during the war and were married in June 1946. In the spring of 1947, she came to Canada by ship and docked in Nova Scotia. From there, she boarded a train and travelled to Calgary, Alberta where she started her new life in Canada with Alf. She vividly recalls all the details of her trip and the names of the ladies, who were also War Brides, that sat beside her on her long journey. Pat has the most interesting stories about her life growing up in England which I thoroughly enjoy hearing. Happy Birthday Pat! With much love from your family!

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