Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Fling Round Robin #3

Well, here is my sneak peak of my center block for the Spring Fling Round Robin #3. I've gotta tell you something...I was really behind on this one. Not because I kept putting it off. No, I actually started thinking weeks ago and then started building. I put more than a few hours into the process. However, I got frustrated!! Very frustrated!! I started with these little
1 3/8" squares cut diagonally and then attaching them to the background fabric. There were a lot them!! I then squared them up and started sewing them in rows for the center of the block. Okay, not bad I thought when I put them up on my design wall. But when I started sewing the points...nothing matched up!! Absolutely nothing!! As well, the whole thing wouldn't lay flat ggrrrr!! Please refer to picture #2...this is what happened to my countless hours of work! By this time, it was late at night and I do much better with a good nights sleep. So bright and early this morning, I got up and started again. Have a look at the first pic which is only a sneak peak. Now I'm much happier!! I'm off to the post office to send it to the host of the Round Robin. I'll keep you posted.


Jean Boyd said...

Great block design, Sharon! Is this a traditional block or your own creation? Does it have a name?

Jean Boyd

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Sharon said...

I believe it's named Chris's star. I got it from Quilter's Cache website.

Jean Boyd said...

Quilters' Cache is a great site. Thanks for the link.