Sunday, March 29, 2009

On the Cutting Edge...

Can you identify the first pic? Well, it's a pile of selvage edges cut off some of my cherished fabrics. I gotta admit, I can't stand throwing anything out without having had a good look at it and deciding if I can incorporate it into something. What's a gal to do? I could take all those strips and make a smashing outfit like the one pictured?? Hmmm?? Or I could just use up those intriguing pieces of fabric and make it into a postcard. As you can tell, this is exactly what I did. Art4mail which is a postcard swapping group that I have been a member of for over a year, had a "Selvage Scrap" exchange. Perfect!!
I already have my fabric ready to go!! Have a look at the postcard. Does the left side of the postcard look familiar? Do you recall in a previous blog posting my frustration with building a center block and it ended up in the "G File". Well, my guilty conscious took over and I hauled it out and thought "I could somehow use this". Now I've got you thinking about rummaging through your own garbage can...right??

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