Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doors & Windows

I have to confess that for some reason or another, I love doorways and windows. I had completely forgotten to blog pics from our Mediterranean cruise last fall. Actually, I didn't forget, I just kept putting it off. Right now, I'm putting off vacuuming the downstairs cause I hate cleaning. I hate the process but love the end results. Here are some interesting doorways...don't ask me where I took the pic. It's just there.

Each doorway had it's own personality and at times made me wonder what was on the other side of the door.
I'm having writer's block. What else can I tell you about these pics. I'll just post them like my blogging friend Dawn does as "Wordless Wednesday" or in this case "Thoughtless Thursday".
I thought this last pic was very intriguing. It was taken in Barcellona above a Chinese Restaurant. (okay, I remembered one thing. If really pressed, I could always ask Neil. He has a memory like an elephant!) Unusual use of umbrellas on the side of a building. I just had to show you.

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