Thursday, March 26, 2009

Center Blocks SFRR #3

This pic is of all the center blocks made for the Spring Fling Round Robin #3. Mine is third row, block #3. So, what happens next is that this block is mailed to a quilter participating and will add the first border. She or he will then mail it to the next quilter who will add a second border. The approximate size, unfinished is 20"x 20". It will go on to the 4th quilter who will finish the miniature quilt (quilting, adding label and binding) and mailed back to the quilter who made the center block in the first place (a bit of a twist this time around). Now do you understand why it's called a "Round Robin". Neat eh! This process will take most of the spring and to be completed by the middle of July. Despite Neil shaking his head at me with a grin, "yes" I will get it done along with all the other projects on the go.

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