Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Tidbits or Confessions...

Recently, I was tagged by my postcard swapping friend Leah, from South Carolina (sorry Leah for taking so long in doing this). I'm suppose to blog 8 random facts about myself. I had to think about this since I am a very private person and keep a lot of things to myself. This is one reason we have a dog. You can tell your dog anything especially all your secrets and they will never tell!! Ever!! So, I'm going to get started by showing you a pic of my family taken many, many years ago. Yep, that's me sitting up front beside my youngest brother, Leslie. Aren't I cute?

Here are some uninteresting facts, random tidbits or is it confessions about myself...

1. I love to cook especially for other people. I comb through magazines and the newspaper (Ottawa Citizen) for recipes. Neil, Chelsey & Tyler are my taste testers. They will try anything that I make with lots of "ooohhs & aahhhs".
2. I am not a shopper!! I'm a "get in, get out" kind of girl when it comes to shopping. Quilt shops excluded!! As well, I have to be in the mood, especially when shopping for clothes. I don't read fashion magazines. Okay just one... the LL Bean catalog. I can spend a few hours flipping through the pages of the latest edition. If you want to go shopping, call Neil!! He's your "shop till you drop/bargain basement prices/gotta have the latest techy gadget" kind of guy. If you are in need of a new computer, car, snowblower/lawnmower etc. he's the guy to call because he will also find you the best price!! He uses shopping as a "stress reliever"! Oh Lord!! You go boy!!
Oh, you can also take him into quilt shops. He enjoys going there as well. He's fascinated by batiks.
3. On my days off, I get up at 5 a.m. and go for a morning walk around Brockville. I have a route set out and it takes me about an hour to complete. Why 5 a.m.? Well, there is nothing like being the first person up to enjoy a new day and being that it's winter, you get "first tracks" in the snow. I walk along the waterfront and then head downtown to catch up on my window shopping. On those mornings that it was "minus freakin' cold", I was out there!
4. I am a chocolaholic!! Did I spell it right? I mean, I can eat it anytime, anywhere for whatever reason. I do have my favorite chocolate bars that I just couldn't live with out. Peanut butter and chocolate are my absolute favorite combination, ever!! Don't mess with it.
5. I can spend hours at Chapters (this does not fit into the category of shopping). It's also fun that Chelsey works at the Chapters in the South Keys Shopping Mall in Ottawa. She is very patient with me since I'm constantly asking her "what was the biggest seller" that particular day or weekend. There is nothing like purchasing a new book. Oh, the fresh, crisp pages and the smell!! As well, you never, ever, I mean ever, buy the first copy cause it's been handled and quite possibly had the pages flipped through. I always pick the fifth copy (you can insert OCD here of you chose, I can handle it). Magazines fit into this category as well.
6. Like other quilters, I do have fabric that I have never cut into. I'm saving it!! I don't know why when I really don't have a project in mind. My stress reliever...going into my studio and getting reacquainted with my fabric due to withdrawal! Oh yeah!! If you are a quilter, you know exactly what I mean!!
7. I'm a collector of various things...snowmen, hotel creamers, old buttons, trim and paring knives, (don't be thinking "Chain Saw Massacre, Friday the 13th" stuff, it's not like that at all. It's very therapeutic to peel, cut, dice and there is never enough knives between dishwasher loads).
8. Last one...thank goodness!! I firmly believe that laughter has to be the best cure for all and is a must in any relationship. I would never want to be with someone who doesn't make me laugh. Does Neil make me laugh...sure does!! Everyday he will come up with something. It can be something that will result in a chuckle or a down right "just about pee your pants/make liquids come out your nose". I love him for this!!

So there you have it...8 random tidbits/confessions about me. I have completed my task.