Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Broken Bones!

This past weekend, Neil and I were off on another skiing adventure to Quebec City. We took along with us our friend Roger from Elora, Ontario (He's wearing the brown jacket. Neil is wearing the red one.) Roger ventures out to our "neck of the woods" in the winter for a few days of skiing. We spent two days skiing at Mont Ste. Anne and one day at Le Massif. They had an abundance of snow...lots of powder for Neil to use his "wouldn't leave home without them, Salomon Guns". The above picture was taken at Le Massif which is situated beside the St. Lawrence River. It was hard to concentrate on your skiing when you kept your eye on the view everytime you went over another hill.
Saturday night we travelled into Quebec City which I think has to be the most beautiful city to visit during the winter months. We arrived home safely Monday night and Roger has returned home already thinking of where he would like to ski next. Perhaps next year, we'll show Jay Peak in Vermont.

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