Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas with the Cassidy Family

Yesterday, January 4th was our Christmas with Neil's Mom & Dad and family. We delayed our Christmas with them since they were gone over the holidays to Nova Scotia, Canada visiting John & Rachel (Neil's oldest brother). Everyone joined us in Brockville even Jackson, (Chelsey's boyfriend) & Jess, (Tyler's girlfriend). Since it was their first trip to the big city, they ventured out to take Koda for walk to the St. Lawrence Park to see the waterfront. The afternoon was spent piecing together a Mickey Mouse Vintage jigsaw puzzle. Even Alf rolled up his sleeves and got in on the action!! They worked non-stop for 3 hours, took a dinner break and finished the final pieces shortly thereafter. Of course, Koda wouldn't want to be left out of anything!! She had to make her presence known a few times with the guests. Cody was wise and spent the afternoon cozy by the fire!!

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